Network Marketing
Press advertising $125.00 Weekly
This is a commonly used form of general advertising and includes advertising in all press such as newspapers, magazines and journals. Press advertising is suitable for image building, information dissemination and sales campaigns. It is also a very affordable option for small businesses.
Radio $150.00 Weekly
Radio is considered by many advertisers as an ideal medium due to its ability to reach specific target groups e.g. teenagers, racing followers or grocery buyers. Radio advertising covers spot adverts (usually 15 or 30 second), promotions or talkback/DJ discussions. Most radio stations offer packages which include production and extension of your radio campaign through their websites.
Television  $175.00 Weekly
Television is a powerful advertising medium because it creates impact through sight, sound and movement however the cost of producing the advertisement and procuring sufficient air time to allow the campaign to work often makes it prohibitive for small business.
Direct mail - Special pricing on review
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This is a broad category covering direct communication with the consumer through email, post or fax. It can include newsletters, catalogues and letters. If you plan to use email, be sure to comply with national anti-SPAM legislation which makes it illegal to send unsolicited commercial electronic messages. Visit the Australian Communications and Media Authority website for more details -
Internet - $250.00 Per Project

Search Engine Optimization . and promotion to all major search engines. All web site details are verified prior to submission. We will not submit an incorrect web site URL address.

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